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We have found the Beeyoutiful natural wellness products to be indispensible in maintaining our health and our spirits. They are one of many elements that truly help us to make the most of every opportunity, each and every day! We are pleased to recommend and re-sell Beeyoutiful products at discount prices.

As distributors, our product discount averages 30%, half of which we offer back to YOU! Our remaining profit helps to fund our imminent move to Africa and, once we are there, will defray our living expenses as a missionary family of 10. Find out more at


We offer a 10% discount on orders less than $50 (pre-discount total) and 15% on orders over $50.

Excluded from discount pricing are any items for which Beeyoutiful is a re-seller/distributor (ex., books and appliances, teas, TheraNeem products, etc.)

Just email us with your order at beeyoutiful (at) valuesdrivenfamily (dot) com.

When we receive your order request, we'll send you a Pay Pal invoice reflecting your discount plus flat-rate $6 shipping. You may include non-discounted items in your order; however, they will be invoiced at their normal pricing. Once your invoice is paid, you will receive an order confirmation via email.




Here's a sampling of some of the most popular products and price comparisons:

Super MomSuperMom vitamins

Beeyoutiful price: $37.00 
15% Discount price:


 Berry well
Berry Well

Beeyoutiful price: $18.00
15% Discount price: $15.30

yeast assassinYeast Assassin

Beeyoutiful price:$15.00
15% Discount price: $12.75


Visit and then email us your order request:

beeyoutiful (at) valuesdrivenfamily (dot) com

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Free Books:

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Product Special:

Convention Audios

Convention Audio Package

$10 for 12 MP3 audios!

regular price $12.00


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