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Values-Driven Discipleship
Biblical Instruction and Character Training Manual
by Marc and Cynthia Carrier

Parent and Child

What is discipleship? Quite simply, it's "doing life together." Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tells us that it's all about having God's precepts in our hearts and then teaching them to our children throughout each and every day.

Does this intimidate you at all? After all, the Bible is a big book and sometimes it's hard to find the precepts to teach...the "just right" verse to bring to a child's attention so that he begins to understand God's Word and how He wants us to be.

Values-Driven Discipleship

Values-Driven Discipleship can help! It sums up, in twelve "core value" concepts, the  traits that express Christlike character. It spells out and organizes key Bible verses that you can leverage to get to your child's heart with God's Word.

Use it proactively to teach through the verses and help your child to grow in the values that God values: Faith, Surrender, Love, Faithfulness, Wisdom, Self-Control, Righteousness, Holiness, Humility, Diligence, Generosity, and Praise. Or, when issues and incidents arise, go to the handy index to look up those behaviors, and find verses for correction and re-direction. The spiral-bound manual has quick-reference tabs for each character trait so you can easily find just what you need.

Values-Driven Discipleship also includes an introductory chapter with guidance on having family devotions and capturing those "teachable moments," so that you can use the manual more effectively.

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